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Luxury vinyl plank

Luxury vinyl plank

Vinyl flooring that resembles the shape of a plank. Available in a wide variety of lengths, colors, and designs.

Luxury vinyl tile

Luxury vinyl tile

Vinyl flooring that resembles the shape of a tile. Available in an array of sizes, colors, and designs.


Glue Down Vinyl Plank

Glue Down Vinyl flooring is designed to resemble hardwood flooring. It is a waterproof option that is most cost-effective.

Laminate Vs. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

What’s the difference between waterproof laminate, stone-polymer composite (SPC) luxury vinyl, and wood-polymer composite luxury vinyl?

If you’ve decided to install a waterproof floor in your home or property, you have two options: waterproof laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring.

Waterproof and water-resistant laminate flooring is an upgraded version of regular laminate flooring that’s a durable and cost-effective alternative to real hardwood floors. The category is generally referred to as waterproof laminate. Homeowners choose laminate floors for the look and feel of hardwood flooring without the maintenance and expense.
When choosing the right flooring for your home, it’s important to note that not all laminate flooring is waterproof – only designated waterproof laminate flooring is. Regular laminate flooring is actually sensitive to water and moisture and some brands provide water-resistant options under the same category.
All waterproof and water-resistant laminate flooring is composed of four layers:
Wear Layer
Located at the top, this layer protects the floor from scratches, wear, and staining without sacrificing a real-wood look or feel.
Image Layer
Under the wear layer is where the pattern or print of your floor exists.
Core Layer
The core layer provides the durability and stability of your floor. Composed of high-density fiberboard (HDF), additional resins are used to create the waterproof or water-resistant qualities of the floor.
Backing Layer
Located at the bottom, this layer provides additional stability and can help resist groundwater or moisture from concrete from seeping into the layers above it. This makes your laminate floors waterproof or water-resistant from the top and bottom.
The following features turn laminate flooring into waterproof laminate flooring:
Waterproof seal
The surface of the floors features a water-repellent seal to keep moisture from the floor’s core.
Watertight joints
Each laminate plank locks together to prevent water and moisture from seeping through.
Water-resistant core
The core of a waterproof or water-resistant floor is different from regular laminate floors because of the HDF, high-resin core which is less susceptible to swelling.
Luxury vinyl flooring is a waterproof edition of vinyl flooring made from a core of plastic composite. It’s usually inexpensive and highly durable. It comes in two options:
Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)
Is designed to imitate the look and feel of hardwood planks.
Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
Is designed to mimic the look and feel of tile.
Both LVP and LVT flooring is generally composed of the same three layers:
Core Layer
Provides the foundation for the rest of the floor. This layer can be rigid or flexible.
Design Layer
Replicates the look and texture of either tile or wood planks.
Wear Layer
Protects the floor from scratches, dents, stains, and fading.


SPC stands for stone-polymer composite. The core is made from a stone powder (such as limestone) and plastic to create a floor made for extreme durability and hardness.

WPC stands for wood-polymer composite. The core is made from a mix of wood fiber and hardened vinyl. This makes it springy, comfortable, and one of the most durable flooring options.

SPC and WPC flooring is only found in luxury vinyl flooring that has a rigid core layer. Luxury vinyl plank can have a SPC or WPC core. Luxury vinyl tile can have a SPC or WPC core.

SPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring

WPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring

  • Is waterproof
  • Is perfect for high-traffic areas or rooms
  • Is harder and generally colder underfoot
  • Is the most durable luxury vinyl flooring option
  • Doesn’t expand or contract with temperature change
  • Is waterproof
  • Is best for insulation
  • Is less expensive than hardwood
  • Is softer and more comfortable underfoot
  • Is quieter than Laminate or SPC luxury vinyl
  • Comes in a wide variety of styles and patterns


Both waterproof laminate and luxury vinyl SPC or WPC offer all the benefits of a waterproof floor. Speak to one of our flooring experts to determine which option is best for you!

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